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Design and production of print ads Resume Writing

Name: website for graduates Nationality: Chinese
Current location: Guangzhou National: Han
Account Address: Zhaoqing stature: 170 cm ? 54 kg
Marital Status: Single Age: 23 years old
Training and Certification: Integrity Badges:
Job search intention and work experience
Personnel types: ordinary job ?
Position: Advertising Production / Graphic Design and production: graphic advertising design and production, culture and education of legal categories: audio editing and audio post-production, and other categories: the late film and television clips
Work Experience: 1 Title: No Title
Job type: may be reported for duty Date: any time
Monthly requirements: 1500 - 2000 hope that the working area: Guangzhou Guangzhou Guangzhou
Personal Work Experience: Company Name: Guangzhou ADS 10000 Trade Company beginning and ending Clear :2009-03 ~ 2009-06
Company nature: their trades: advertising, planning, marketing,
Positions include: Graphic Design
Job Description: In the company graphic design, the company VI design!
Reason for leaving:
Company Name: Guangzhou 3G gateway beginning and ending Clear :2008-04 ~ 2009-01
Company nature: the private sector by sector: Other
Positions include: ring Channels Editor
Job Description: The 3G gateway is responsible ring channel editing, editing and finishing to the channel and available for download ring tones
Reason for leaving:
Company Name: Four workshops will be beginning and ending Kaifeng City, Clear :2007-07 ~ 2007-08
Company nature: the private sector by sector: culture, art
Positions: as electro-acoustic band sector jobs
Job Description: In the company as a electro-acoustic band sector jobs, but also sound logistics sector member of the company's print media we learn graphic design, while studying hard, but eventually can learn some of the schools failed to learn things.
Reason for leaving:
Educational background
Graduate colleges: College of Guangzhou University, China Soft Software
Supreme Education: college earn a degree: The University upon graduation date: 2008-06-01
A learned profession: graphic design and production of learned professional 2: audio post-production
By education and training experience: the termination of the start date school years (institutions) to obtain a certificate of professional certificate number
2005-092008-06 Guangzhou University, China Soft Software College multi-media design and production (film and television design and production direction) Conghua college rock band competition "Best Guitarist" award
Language ability
Foreign Language: English General
Mandarin level: the level of good Cantonese: proficient
The ability to work and other expertise
  A serious and responsible work, strong sense of responsibility, there is a high degree of time values and motivated. To do things carefully, persistence, hard-working, brave new challenges do everything! With an open mind to learn from others, treating others with warm, sincere, frank!
Detailed personal autobiography
  "While it is not the best, but it can be done carefully." A high degree of responsibility, the time concept and self-motivated, have strong leadership and organizational abilities, there is a strong team spirit, good interpersonal skills, the students have good interpersonal skills. Please give me a chance, I will adopt a pragmatic, diligence and do your return!
Personal Contact

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