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  1. Writing an objective.

  1. 写求职目标

  Pro: Those in favor of including an objective at the top of your resume say it tells the hiring manager what the candidate is looking for, which is most helpful if you're seeking an entry-level position. Placing someone with little-to-no work experience is a difficult task, because you can't tell where they would be most helpful and productive. This is where objectives can help.


  Con: Those who are against the objective say the short statement could pigeon-hole you if you have a few years of experience, since your skills can lead to jobs you aren't even aware of.


  2. The one-page resume.

  2. 简历控制在一页纸的篇幅

  Pro: Most recruiters will agree on a resume length of one page, especially since recruiters are only going to spend an average of six seconds scanning your resume. The longer your resume is, the more difficult it will be for recruiters to scan it.


  Con: On the other hand, having a longer resume could be acceptable if it's "in-depth and warranted.These days if a resume is more than one page, it won’t matter as much as it once did given most are viewed on a computer where pages are less of an issue.


  3. Revealing gaps in employment.

  3. 写上就业空白期

  Pro:You should include these gaps on your resume because they will likely be revealed at some point during the interview process. The recruiters tell us the best way to do this is by including the reason for the gaps in brackets next to the dates of employment on your resume.


  Con: If you were unemployed for a period of time and don't want to call attention to it, experts advise using only years instead of months when detailing dates of employment at specific companies. This will make it more difficult for hiring managers to detect gaps in your work history.


  4. Eliminating experience older than 15 years.

  4. 不写超过15年的经历

  Pro: You should leave out any experience older than 15 years because chances are it won't be relevant or interesting to the hiring manager.


  Con: However, you should include more than 15 years of work experience if it's relevant because you don't want the hiring manager thinking that you misrepresented yourself when you finally do meet.


  5. Including your hobbies.

  5. 写上爱好

  Pro: Recruiters aren't completely sure whether it's a good idea to include hobbies or not, but you can include them if you tailor the skills you acquired while participating in the hobby to the job position you're applying for.


  Con: Whatever you decide to include, don't let it take away from the core message of the resume, which is what have you done and what you can do for the employer.



  Mature, dynamic and honest.思想成熟、精明能干、为人诚实。

  Excellent ability of systematical management.有极强的系统管理能力。

  Ability to work independent1y, mature and resourceful.能够独立工作、思想成熟、应变能力强。

  A person with ability plus flexibility should apply.需要有能力及适应力强的人。

  A stable personality and high sense of responsibility are desirable.个性稳重、具高度责任感。

  Work well with a multi-cultural and diverse work force.能够在不同文化和工作人员的背景下出色地工作。

  Bright,aggressive applicants.反应快、有进取心的应聘者。

  Ambitious attitude essential.有雄心壮志。

  Initiative, independent and good communication skill.积极主动、独立工作能力强,并有良好的交际技能。

  Willing to work under pressure with leardership quality.愿意在压力下工作,并具领导素质。

  Willing to assume responsibilities.应聘者须勇于挑重担。

  Mature, self-motivated and strong interpersonal skills.思想成熟、上进心强,并具极丰富的人际关系技巧。

  Energetic, fashion-minded person.精力旺盛、思想新潮。

  With a pleasant mature attitude.开朗成熟。

  Strong determination to succeed.有获得成功的坚定决心。

  Strong leadership skills.有极强的'领导艺术。

  Ability to work well with others.能够同他人一道很好地工作。

  Highly-motivated and reliable person with excellent health and pleasant personality.上进心强又可靠者,并且身体健康、性格开朗。

  The ability to initiate and operate independently.有创业能力,并能独立地从业。

  Strong leadership skill while possessing a great team spirit.有很高的领导艺术和很强的集体精神。

  Be highly organized and effecient.工作很有条理,办事效率高。

  Willing to learn and progress.肯学习进取。

  Good presentation skills.有良好的表达能力。

  Positive active mind essential.有积极、灵活的头脑。

  Be elegant and with nice personality.举止优雅、个人性格好。

  With good managerial skills and organizational capabilities.有良好的管理艺术和组织能力。

  The main qualities required are preparedness to work hard, ability to learn, ambition and good health.主要必备素质是吃苦耐劳精神好、学习能力优、事业心强和身体棒。

  Having good and extensive social connections.具有良好而广泛的社会关系。

  Being active, creative and innonative is a plus.思想活跃、有首创和革新精神尤佳。

  With good analytical capability.有较强的分析能力。

  Ability to deal with personnel at all levels effectively.善于同各种人员打交道。

  Have positive work attitude and be willing and able to work diligently without supervision.有积极的工作态度,愿意和能够在没有监督的情况下勤奋地工作。

  Young, bright, energetic with strong career-ambition.年轻、聪明、精力充沛,并有很强的事业心。

  Good people management and communication skills. Team player.有良好的人员管理和交际能力。能在集体中发挥带头作用。

  Able to work under high pressure and time limitation.能够在高压力下和时间限制下进行工作。