Ignoring the Most Important Question

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Ignoring the Most Important Question

Ignoring the Most Important Question

Ignoring the Most Important Question

Most resumes fail to answer the employer's question, "What's in it for me?" Employers have a problem, not a job. That problem almost always revolves around money in some way. So, look for ways that you can show them a return on their investment. Since most resumes only receive about 20 seconds of actual read time, you have to answer this question quickly. A good way to accomplish this is by including a concise Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that distinguishes you from your competitors. This USP is a single sentence that describes three important things:

        * Who you are

  * Your biggest strength

  * Your primary benefit, which should be measurable

Your USP describes what you bring to the employer. Every employee either makes money or saves money for an employer. Determine how you bring value in either or both of these ways. The best branding statements usually incorporate figures in dollars or percentages of money, or time that was gained or saved over a certain period。

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