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英文简历范文如何写?应届毕业生求职网推荐此范文供参考Name: Miss Lu


  Sex: Female

  National: Han

  Date of birth: July 1986

  Marital status: unmarried

  Height: 153cm

  Weight: 53kg

  Residence: Fujian Longyan

  Is the location: Tongan District Xiamen, Fujian

  Graduated from the school: Vocational and Technical Institute of the East China Sea, Xiamen

  Education: specialist

  Professional Name: E-commerce

  Year of Graduation: 2007

  Work experience: more than one year

  Contact Tel: 13888888888

  Job intentions

  The nature of jobs: full-time

  Post Category: E-commerce / sales / B2C/C2C / Logistics

  Job Title: clerks, procurement, customer service, warehouse, etc.;

  Work areas: Xiamen Jimei District; Xiamen Tongan District;

  Treatment requirements: 1000-2000 Yuan / month do not need to provide housing

  Reported for duty time:may at any time

  Skills expertise

  Language skills: English; Putonghua standard

  Computer level: computer proficiency, OFFICE office automation software

  Educational Background:

  Time school qualifications

  September 2004 - July 2007 Xiamen, East China Sea Vocational and Technical College

  Work experience

  Company: Xiamen Shun-Qing Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

  Time frame: December 2007 - January 2009

  Company nature: private / private companies

  Their respective industries: trade, commerce, import and export

  To hold office: sales staff

  Job Description: Network marketing, as well as warehouse management, data, etc.

  Company: Xiamen Sky Express Logistics

  Time frame: March 2007 - December 2007

  Company nature: private / private companies

  Industry: transportation, logistics, express delivery <

  Post as: logistics / warehousing

  Job Description: 07-03 to 07-08 is responsible for customer service and express shipping operations 07-08 to 07-11 is responsible for freight service and billing


  I have a strong team spirit among colleagues, have good interpersonal relationships; good at coordination.

  During University I studied computer networks have some knowledge about computers, I seriously can bear hardships and stand hard work, self-motivated. After engaging in the service industry so I have learned patience, tolerance and self-control. What a year of sales experience I learned how to communicate with people, as well as self-learning. I am a person of honor and promised to do certain things other people do. Into action to appreciate the language of the people, hate the language into action.



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