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  国际贸易英文求职信范文应该怎么写?求职信的概念,就跟推销一样,目的都是要引起顾客(雇主)兴趣,达到成功推销自己的效果。很多求职者没有写Cover Letter(求职信)的习惯或根本不知道Cover letter的重要性。


  Dear leaders:


  First of all, your hard work to extend our deep respect! At the same time, also thank you for your busy schedule in my recommended reading materials.

  I was in Xi'an Translation College of Foreign Languages Institute for English Majors, a 04 session students will be faced with graduation. Experienced a three-year teacher education and colleges of high life, in the face of new opportunities and challenges, I am more determined the "self-confidence, self-reliance, diligence, modesty," the doctrine of life.

  Xi'an Translation College of Education of China's well-known talent training base, renowned for their rigorous scholarship, well known for educating people. In such a learning environment, I appreciate the vital to the fun of learning English. Whether in the intellectual capacity or the quality of self-cultivation, I have benefited from.

  Three years, the Friends of the division in good faith and personal efforts to help, I have a solid foundation of professional knowledge, a systematic grasp of the English literature, linguistics and education, such as the theory of exit examinations in all subjects, the results outstanding. At the same time, I also have excellent English listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation, such as capacity and be good at innovation in the study. At the same time, after school hours, I covered a lot of extensive books, skillfully mastered the basic knowledge of computer and operating system used, not only enrich their own, but also cultivate their abilities in various

  In addition, I also actively participate in various social activities, and grasp every opportunity to exercise their own. University for three years, I deeply feel and talents to work, so I benefit from the competition; practical difficulties to the challenge, let me grow up in frustration; Xi'an Translation College, I developed a practical and realistic style of hard work and innovation. I love to engage in the cause of your organization, eager to look forward to your leadership, for the glorious cause of building blocks. If your organization can provide a copy of my employment, I will be very grateful, and take concrete actions to prove that they live up to your choice.

  A time when the pen collection, solemnly raised a small request: Regardless of whether you choose me, and respect the leadership, I hope you will accept my sincere thanks!

  Your organization wishes to the cause of success!

  People put themselves forward: xxx


  Dear Sir/Madame,

  Your advertisement for a Network Maintenance Engineer in the April 10Student Daily interested me because the position that you de- scribed sounds exactly like the kind of job I am seeking.

  According to the advertisement,your position requires a good university degree,Bachelor or above in Computer Science or equivalent field and proficient in Windows NT 4.0and Linux System.I feel that I am competent to meet the requirements.I will be graduating from XX University this year with a MSC.My studies have included courses in computer control and management and I designed a control simulation system developed with Microsoft Visual and SQL Server.

  During my education,I have grasped the principles of my major subject area and gained practical skills.Not only have I passed CET - 6,but more importantly I can communicate fluently in English.My ability to write and speak English is a good standard.

  I would welcome an opportunity to attend you for an interview. Enclosed is my resume and if there is any additional information you require,please contact me.

  Yours faithfully,


  Dear Sir / Madam:


  Thank you for taking the time to visit me this introductory letter, to a graduating university students an opportunity, in the time I expressed deep gratitude!

  First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is way xx, is the 2009 session of the South China University of Foreign Trade English graduates, learn your organization recruit more capable personnel, but to my screen name, sincere desire to join, as your organization future building blocks, more ready to contribute their own labor and wisdom.

  Bing Zhao thirst for knowledge, persistence in learning English in school during which I seriously learn the knowledge, and adopted the CET examination through the National Examinations in Computer II. Organizational members in the class post office, organized a class outing body, in class activities such as fun games, of course, these are small things, but the opportunities to develop my organizational skills and good coordination.

  I actively participated in extracurricular school activities, has represented the professional in the knowledge I gained the first prize competition, and I also participate in social practice, had done in school tutoring during the post also served as a steward at the Internet cafe post, also Noah made electronic dictionary market research, social practice through which I learned a lot less than the knowledge learned in the classroom, the community has some knowledge and understanding. 07 summer students working for a company in Shenzhen, on the running and operation of foreign things with personal experience, I think this is the most valuable experience.

  I usually hobbies, favorite music, sports, playing guitar, at school also took part on behalf of my professional football. Meanwhile, the military and political rather concerned, often bought on the military and political aspects of reading newspapers and magazines, and consumer electronics products in today's world there is a certain concern. With youthful enthusiasm and desire to know, I am about to finish the four-year journey seeking knowledge, a better university life, cultivate my strict scientific way of thinking.

  I also created a positive and optimistic attitude towards life and the pioneering spirit of innovation. Inside and outside the classroom social practice, a solid foundation of knowledge and broad vision, made me a better understanding of the community; to develop a continuous learning work, rigorous, pragmatic work style and excellent quality of unity and coordination, so I am sure they are completely able to positions in setting, dedication, more business! Music eye and began my trip to Trinidad. Force of the wind strength of the grass, the Long Run. Ancient houses, this point will have horses. Peter remains to be willing to take you to you "use" to prove.