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  Dear Sir/Madam:

  Thank you very much for skimming my letter in your busy time. And I am very appreciate than your esteemed company would give me an opportunity.

  First please allow me to introduce myself. My English name is Cathy. I am the graduate student in Foreign College of Jingsu University of Science and Technology. I learn that your company is recruiting now. I am confident that four years of university study and the social practice can help me to apply for the position in your company.

  I have had a solid theoretical foundation because of the four years of English learning. The annual internship experience make me from theory to practice, although I have no formal work experience. However I am sure that I have a certain degree of understanding of the foreign trade posts and the translation work. And I believe that I have a strong learning ability, and Ican completely adapt to the new work in a short time.

  Under the teacher's strict teaching and my personal efforts, I have formed a solid foundation of professional knowledge, mastered the business English knowledge. At the the spare time I also actively read the professional knowledge of the relevant newspapers and magazines, understing the new economic situation, and initially have a good command of English basic communication and translation ability. In addition, I also actively participate in community activities and volunteer service activities, take part in the English speech contest, translation contest, English tongue twisters and English about the game, also involve in the strawberry Music Festival, better Xijin ferry and other large activities of the volunteer activities. These practice allow me to chece my knowledge, and also make me to have the strong ability of analysis and solving problems, and make me more confident and mature.

  Self-confidence and perseverance is my principle,and calm and optimism is the attitude of my way. I have the confidence and hope to get the opportunity to work in your company. Attach a brief resume. Thank you again for your concern for me. Look foraward to your reply.



  Dear leaders:


  Thank you for your busy schedule to take some time to look at my . Xx I am a University of Electronic Information Engineering College students, xx graduates session. I majored in detection instrumentation.

  In college, I learned hard work, outstanding achievement, was awarded a scholarship on five separate occasions, firm and strong practical ability, the training school, the curriculum design were excellent results. In addition, I also specializes in computer and English, has passed through a computer assessment and national levels A four English-speaking countries. At the same time, I carried out a systematic computer study, courses include: computer and cultural foundation, the basis of computer software, computer hardware, computer interface technology, computer control technology, and learning the C language, VB, OFFICE and macro assembler. Knowledge of learning theory, I also pay attention to practical ability. Great time I attended the School of Electronic Science and Technology Association. Second arrogant, I've prepared in the laboratory experiments to help teachers. Often involved in the maintenance of laboratory equipment, laboratory equipment for the more familiar, practical ability and capacity than the more experimental, to develop single-chip systems, familiar with the DSP hardware, software applications.

  In order to cultivate the ability of all aspects of their own, I have long served as a dormitory, student union cadres, xx ban squad leader and squad leader detection professional classes. I also actively participate in the planning of community activities, to establish broad relationships, organizing a series of planning activities, liking of their teachers praise students. The squad leader was in office during the I and the concerted efforts of the whole class, I have been class civilized school classes, classes in the city the title of civilization, I have also been rated as excellent school students. Have strong organizational skills and the use of the theoretical and practical capabilities.

  Down-to-earth and trustworthy, others in good faith, the enthusiasm of doing things and positive is my motto, honesty company give me a opportunity to display their talent and become one of your company through thick and thin, I will be able to help your company's development of a hand!


  1. I am enclosing a personal data sheet which I think will adequately show you my qualifications。


  2. I would be pleased if you would grant me an interview at you convenience。


  3. Trusting you will give my application kind consideration and hoping to hear favorably from you at your convenience。


  4. Thank you in advance for your concern and attention. Please let me hear from you as soon as possible。


  5. I hope to have the pleasure of your granting me an interview。


  6. I believe that you will consider this application favorably and I wish to assure you that I should make every effort to be worthy of the confidence you may place in me。


  7. If there is further information that you wish in the meantime, please let me know. I can always be reached at the address given at the beginning of this letter。


  8. I shall be able to call for an interview at your convenience and shall be able to supply any necessary or examples of my previous work。


  9. I am happy to refer you upon your request people who can tell you of my work and my character。


  10. I believe they may be found satisfactory. Concerning my character。

  附上我的 简历 表和相片,希望能令你满意。

  11. I am looking for a job. I graduate from Shanghai Commercial College and my major is business management。


  12. I would be very happy to work under your supervision if it is possible. Thank you very much for your kind attention. Please send me an answer at your earliest convenience。


  13. I believe that I can fulfill the requirements in your company. I hope you will be able to place me somewhere。


  14. Before my present employment, I worked for the Department Store as a salesclerk in the electrical section。


  15. I would like to make a change now because I feel that I can go no further in my present job, I feel that my training should enable me to advance into a better and more responsible position, and it appears that this will not be forthcoming at my present position。


  16. I am permitted to refer to Mr. Smith, Managing editor of the magazine。


  17. I wish to assure you that, if successful, I would endeavor to give you every satisfaction。


  18. Thank you in advance for your consideration and courtesy。


  19. My duties included compiling reports for the chief engineer on production in the various departments。

  因希望节省交通时间,故想在纽约谋得一职。随函寄上 简历 表及近照各一份。

  20. I am enclosing a brief resume as you requested. Please let me know if you want an interview。

  随函附寄 简历 表一份,望能通知能否有机会见面。