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  Résumé Section 简历结构

  You have some flexibility with the section on your résumé. There are 3 sections that you must have: your contact information your education and some kind of experience.


  Other sections are optional. Your choice to use will depend on how well they would convey your fit for the position. These optional sections include the objective, the skill summary, or summaries of qualifications, relevant course work, projects, extracurricular activities, honors and awards, and interests.


  Developing Résumé Content 简历内容的编写

  For contact information at the top of your résumé, put your name, address and phone number and e-mail. If you are still in school, you can include both your current address, and your permanent address.


  If you include objective on your résumé which should come next, it can simply be what you want to do for your next job.


  Everything include below the objective should help show that you have the qualification and experience to support your objective.


  If you applying for a position you found on advertise. You can just list the job title.


  If you give your résumé to networking contact or representative at the career fair, you can just name the type of position you want.


  You can also include the type of organization where you’d like to work. It would be obvious to an employer which position you are applying for.


  You do not need to include the objective.


  If you are still in school or recently graduated, the education section goes near the top of the page. They need to fit the objective.


  If it has been a year or more since you graduated put this or add near in your résumé unless you want to bring it to the employers’ attention right on front.


  In the education section you usually list the education institution you graduated or will graduate from. Degree or degree is earned, and the month and year of graduation.


  You can also include your GPA, the title of your subject to be honored thesis.

  你也可以在教育背景这一栏列出你的GPA,获奖毕业论文题目 。

  And in the education abroad you participated in. Remember the name of the school you attended, where and when, and in the coursework related to the objective.


  You don’t need to include your junior or community college education unless it would help mark you from the place you are seeking or if omitting it would be confusing.


  If you want to highlight your transfer GPA, list the institution and include your GPA.


  Don’t recalculating in combining GPA from the community college.


  Experience Section 经历概述

  Your experience can include paid and unpaid work and activities. If you don’t have much job experience, consider what you develop valuable transferable skill doing class projects or participating in the students’ club.


  Some of your experience may fit well in the separate projects and activity sections.


  First list all your experience, both paid and unpaid including job internships and volunteer work, work on behalf of the student organization as a member or officer and class projects which could be relevant to your objective. Free chick’s project, activity include your job internship and volunteer title。


  For each experience, project or activity, include your job, internship, volunteer title, employer or course and dates for employment or time inferred for the course.


  Describe for what you did in terms of the accomplishments.


  Use action words, in past tense lasted on going, to convey the skills reused.


  Show the scopes of your accomplishments by stating the results of your efforts,using the quantitative or qualitative details.


  Leave a balance of a conciseness and necessary specifics to create clear, basic picture.


  After you`ve put your experience down on paper, you want to tailor the information of type of job or internship you are seeking.


  Do this by analyzing the job description for the skills and experience being cited.


  And in cooperate with the language and ideas from the description into your résumé.


  Skills Section 技能总结

  In Skills summary of qualification section should include skills and other qualifications that support your candidacy for the job you want.


  You can get ideas from job description and your knowledge of given field or the position usually entails.


  The most common types of skills students included are computer and foreign language proficiencies.


  You can also have separate skill sections for specialized skills such as laboratory skills.


  Summary Of Qualification Section 资历概述

  In summary of qualification sections are more lapped and developed emersion of skills section.


  It can include information such as the number of years of related experience, relevant special areas of expertise, technical skills and unique personal qualities based on the past feedback you`ve received.


  Typically, skills sections go to near the bottom or the top of the résumé, while the summary of qualification usually goes near the top follow the objective.


  Résumé Formats and Styles 简历格式和样式

  Résumés can be formatted at one of the three ways: reverse chronological, skills based or hybrid, a combination of the other two.


  The style you choose depends on which one best conveys your qualification for the position.


  Reverse chronological format is the most common style used by students and some of the employers prefer it.


  If you have never created a résumé before, start with this format.


  It works best when you have recent experience that related to your current job objective or the internship objective.


  And in this format your experience will be listed in reversed chronological order, based on the indeed of each of your experiences.


  Put your most recent experience at the top.


  The skills based are the most beneficial if your work experience isn`t direct related to your career objective.


  If you are making a career change, this maybe the best style for you.


  In this résumé style, you identify the top 3 or 4 skills that required for your career objective and using these settings within your résumé.


  Put bullet points on your each adding describing what you did and what you accomplished that illustrated you have demonstrated the skill.


  The bullet point can be from you academic, actual career community service experience as well as from jobs.


  In this style, list your work history in reverse chronological order in the separate section of the bottom of the résumé.


  A hybrid form at will be best for you, if you have experiences that support your career objective but it isn`t your most recent experience.


  And in this format you will have more than one in experience section with headers that describes the type of the experience.


  For example, Teaching or Sales Marketing.


  You can also suggest your related experiences and other experiences in these headers.


  Under each header, you lists your experience in reverse chronological order, similarly, to have what you structure in reverse chronological résumé.


  This format enables you to put your most relevant experience at the top of your experience section.


  A real benefit of this format is what you want the employer to see is the most relevant experience first.


  Basic principles to follow to ensure your Résumé effective


  Do tailor your Résumé it each specific position


  Do omit experiences that you would not want to repeat in future positions and last there the necessary for specific job opportunity


  Do use “bullet points” to help make it easy to visually scan your Résumé


  Do make a reasonable effort to fit your Résumé on one page but don’t cram information in this base or miss essential information for the sake of page length


  Do proofread your résumé and have least a couple of other people, including a career counselor review it to make sure that it has no typos, make sense and highlight the most important information


  Don’t write long objectives or include unnecessary or vague information in your Résumé, such as your desire for challenging, growth opportunity, or a fast paced environment


  Don’t list high school education and don’t include high school experiences unless you’re first or second student or accomplish something uniquely significant during high school


  Don’t use phrases such as duties included or responsibilities included


  Don’t use long complex sentences in you paragraphs


  Don’t rely on résumé templates included your word processor in software


  Don’t use pronouns as subjects, for example, “I” or “our”


  Don’t put “references available upon request” at the bottom of your résumé. This is assumed to be in case. Instead, create separation for references as shown your job and Internship guide