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  personal information:

  name: xxx

  sex: male

  date of birth: xx xxth xx

  place of birth: xx, p.r.china

  marital status: xx health: good

  mobile :13xxxxxxx



  application engineer, technical and electronics sales.

  education background:

  2002.9DD2006.6 xxxx. bachelor of electronic informationn engineering

  major subjects: circuit principle, single chip computer principle and application, digital electronic technology, analog electronic technology, interfacing and application of computer, principle of communication,

  work experiences:

  2006. 7 - present xxx as a computer software engineer, responsibilites includes :

  1. solving environmental problems on prototype computers.conducte systems analysis on new computer profucts to ensure hardware,software and mechanical design integrity

  2. and responsible for system compatibility and integration test. quickly diagnose causes of systems failures and malfunctions to ensure highest operating efficiencies,reliability,and quality performance standards.

  3. assist engineers from hp with installation and trobleshooting of hp bussiness pc software

  english skills

  1. pass cet-4

  2. have a good command of spoken and written english. communicate and negociate with

  clients fluently in english.

  3. skilled in reading documents relating to electronics and computer


  independent and be able to work under pressue. have coordination skills,teamwork spirit. studious

  nature and dedication are my greatest strengths