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Name yjbys  
Gender Female
Date of Birth  
Contact No  
Job Target
Target Industry The hope responds to a call for recruits profession scope
Target job The hope responds to a call for recruits post
Target address Hope work area, urban scope
Target salary Anticipation wage level welfare demand,Discussing in person
To hillock time The new post can in the long time assume the post
Working Experience
2008/01—Present XXX
  Industry: FMCG( Food, Beverage, Cosmetics)
HR Dept. of East Region Human Resources Manager
Responsibilities & Achievements:
1. Work with business managers on organizational capability and translate business plans into strategic HR plans
2. Work with business managers to determine resource plans
3. act as HR management advisor to the business managers
4. drive employee engagement and lead the development of action plans to close gaps
5. lead and facilitate talent and leadership review discussions
6. support business managers to drive and increase performance level, implement and facilitate performance reviews
7. analyze and determine development needs and facilitate discussions
8. implement rewards programs to attract, motivate and develop staff
Report Directly to: RSD
2006/05—2008/01 Shanghai Huntel Technologies Co., Ltd.
  Industry: Telecom Operators/Service Providers
HR & Admin HR & Admin Manager
Responsibilities & Achievements:
1. According to company development, organize to formulate and perfect documents of HR & Admin.
2. Assist senior managers to adjust organization structure and set out personnel number.
3. Charge in hiring ,make the stably of core staff and attract the excellent people.
4. Formulate and perfect the performance management, assist managers to implement it.
5. Formulate compensation system and make sure its rivalrousness, justice and economy.
6. Formulate training system and implement training programe.
7. Harmonize relationship among departments. Assist department manager to department construction and employment layout.
8. Organize staff activities, perfect benefit system, construct company culture.
9. Charge in admin. Stuff and external affair.
2004/12—2006/01 Xi’an Jiao tong University
  Industry: Education/Training
Consulting Project Team Consultant
Responsibilities & Achievements:
The consulting project about the Third Assembling Factory of the First tractor Co. Led.——Design of organizational system and human resource system. The consulting project about Jiang Nan Machinery (Group) Co. Ltd.—Design of organizational system and human resource system, etc. Be charge in the efficiency of project, the diagnoses of employee satisfaction, position analyzing ( position direction、operation flow、arrangement of employee )、compiling and framing of performance、compensation and training system .
2001/09—2004/07 Xi’an XinXing Property Management Co. Ltd.
  Industry: Property Management
Training Department Human Resources Manager
Responsibilities & Achievements:
Be charge in the layout of human resource, implementation of plan, inviting applications for a job, performance assessing, compensation and training.
1994/08—2001/08 The Bayannaoer Post Office of Inner Mongolia
  Industry: Others
HR Human Resources Specialist
1999/06—2001/08 HR Dept. HR Specialist
Responsibilities & Achievements:
Charge in assignment of employee and file management.
1994/08—1999/05 Operational Maintenance Technical Support Engineer
Responsibilities & Achievements:
Be charge in the maintenance and management of hardware, software and internet of whole city post system. Developed the staff file and retirement management system.
2004/08—2006/06 Xi’an Jiao tong University Business Administration Master
1992/08—1994/07 Ningxia University Computer Application Associate
2008/01—2008/01 Development Dimensions International Ltd.
Targeted Selection: Quick Hire Interviewer
2005/08—2005/10 Shanxi Heroes Human Resource Ltd. Registered Certificate of International Human Resource Professional Certificate of Professional Registered International Human Resources
2005/04—2005/06 Xi’an Huading Project Management Consultation Co. Ltd. International Project Management Professional International Project Management Practitioner (IPMA Level D)
2005/10 Certificate of Professional Registered International Human Resources
2005/06 International Project Management Practitioner (IPMA Level D) 131
2004/12 Driver's License
    All-around knowledge system of human resource, 4 years management experience and 1 year consulting experience; Hands on experience in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint; strong communication skill, mature and always think from others perspectives; Hard working and strong ownership.