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  求职者在编写个人简历时,需要针对求职的职位来写,能够让用人单位录取要求求职的职位于个人的能力相符合。比如说,求职者的应聘职位是人力资源部主管,那么就要有人力资源管理专业能力以及经验。 在企业中主管是属于中层管理者,对人才的实力要求比较高,如果实力不够即便个人简历写的再漂亮也不能被录用。


Name: yjbys gender : male    
Birth : *** telephone :    
Degree : Bachelor Professional: Accounting  
Experience : years national : Han  
School: *** College of Finance and Economics  
address : ***
E-mail : jianli.yjbys.com
Self Introduction :
Eight-years working experience in renowned CPA firms and with five-years team-leading experience.
 Plenty of audit experience in IPO& annual audit under US GAAP and IFRS, SOX404. 
 Be involved in the industry of manufacture & consumer goods、medicine & pharmacology、TMT.
 Be familiar with the business operation and capital transactions from the VC & PE entities. 
 Be familiar with the set up of legal structure out of PRC and the VIE & SPE structure in China.
 Ability to address the complicated transations of M&A、finance instruments and stock option、consolidation.
Target Job :
Desired Job Category: Financial Analysis Manager/Supervisor | Auditing Manager/Supervisor | Investment Administration
Desired Job Industry: Consumer Products(FMCG) | Media/Publishing/Culture | Fund/Stock/Futures/Investment | Professional Service (Consultancy/Accountancy/Legal) | Telecommunications
Desired Salary: Negotiable
Desired City: ***
I can start from: within 1 month
Work Experience :
2008.3-Now ***CPA Ltd ***Branch *** Group
Senior auditor
Responsibilities and Achievements:
The major responsibility is to provide assurance & advisory service to the clients such as US & HK listed coporations, and SOX404. Being the role of Accountant-in-charge, I am responsible to the coordination between the engagement manager and clients, to identify the audit risk based on the understanding and professional judgement of different clients’ nature and tailor the audit procedure accordingly; to draft the accounting Memo such as revenue recognition、VIE and SPE、Preferred share; to allocate the job to team members according to their experience and review the working papers and coach them;to give reasonable suggestion and solution on the issues identified and submit them to the engagement manager for reference; to clear the comments from the engagement managers and partners, summarize the audit issues and review the auditors’ report.
2003.2-2008.2 *** Branch
Responsibilities and Achievements:
Prepare the audit planning, understanding the clients’ business knowledge and nature, evaluate the inherent risk、operating effectiveness & design and implementation of internal control, calculating the planning materiality and perform the analytical review on the preliminary financial statements, identify the audit risk and fraud; Allocate different works to the associates based on their experience and grade, give proper encourage and coach to them; review the working papers prepared by them and resolve the queries raised by them during the fieldwork and make sure the timely completion of the engagement; Be responsible for some key accounts such as the review of consolidated financial statements、M&A、related party transaction、EPS and deferred tax、the accounting Memo of VIE and warrant & preferred shares, the inventory and sales cycle in manufacturing industry; Summarize the significant accounting adjustments and findings after the completion of fieldwork, then reported to engagement manager for ***, draft the auditors’ report and archive the audit file.
1997.9-2003.1 *** 
Responsibilities and Achievements:
I joined the division of government and non-profit organization as a civil servant in the local audit office after my graduation, which is responsible for auditing revenues and expenditures of government departments and non-profit agencies, including institutions under the Local People’s Congress and local People’s Court, Local People’s Procuratorate, Armed Police, party and government organizations and social bodies which receive local budgetary appropriations or turn over revenues to local financial departments.
Education :
1994.9-1998.6 ***College of Finance and Economics
Major Category:
Major Description and Courses:
Higher mathematics 、English、Chinese、Political economy、Philosophy、History、Basic accounting、Industrial accounting、Commercial accounting、Management accounting、Western accounting、Auditing、Finance、Financial Managment、Marketing、Information system design、Computer、Graduation thesis。