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Name: yjbys gender : male    
Birth : *** telephone : 150***  
Degree : Bachelor Professional: Information and Computational Science  
Experience : 3years national : Han  
School: *** University Of Electronic Technology  
address : ***
E-mail : jianli.yjbys.com
 Self Assessment :
Be proficient in C/C++, JAVA, PHP, SQL, SHELL,and some general algorithms. Know MYSQL, ORACLE, SQL SERVER,SYBASE and basic operations of Unix, Linux well.Be able to read and comprehend general English books of computer. Have ability in accomplishing task independently. Passed examination of each college course for the first time.
Target Job :
Desired Job Category: System Analyst | R&D Engineer | Senior Software Engineer | Software Engineer
Desired Job Industry: Software | Banking
Desired Salary: Negotiable
Desired City: ***
I can start from: within 1 month
 Work Experience :
2010.7-2011.2 ***-,Inc
C Software Engineer
Responsibilities and Achievements:
Design and Develop user mode programs, compose document for NFSARK V2.0. It's calculated fully in extension and implicit demand, well done in uncertain factors, which makes the program run strongly and less BUGS.
2009.12-2010.6 ***,Inc
C++ Software Engineer
Responsibilities and Achievements:
The corporation mainly provide service for the three exchange carrier of***the incumbency,I configure the plat and make conclusion of the similar operations to develop programs to do that instead, which reduce the possibility of error and work more efficiently;
implement interface for other companies,make slutions for some uncertain factors successfully,achieve the project ahead of schedule,which gain enough time for inner testing,corporate with other corpotion for joint debugging,and submit the project on schedule.
2009.8-2009.11 ***Inc
C Software Engineer
Responsibilities and Achievements:
The corporation provide Email services.In the incumbency,I design new core programs to improve the old system,and the new program runs efficiently,which will promote the system's functionality;develop stable and efficient software for customs as soon as possible;maintain old programs and modify bugs,of which enhance the stability.
2008.9-2009.8 ***Media,Inc.
C Engineer
Responsibilities and Achievements:
Programming to collect datas from daily business records,and compute the result,then report it to correlatives,which suit a good convenience for them to grasp the commercial state,to estimate the strategy,or to promote a new one.
Design new programs to implement functions for new business.With good extensibility,it's saving time to develop for similar services,which will serve more business order.
Rewrite or optimize old programs,and improve the efficiency of those programs substantially,which will release resource of the server to do more jobs.
 Education :
2004.9-2008.7 *** University Of Electronic Technology
Major Category:
Information and Computational Science
College Info
Rank/Out of a Total of:
Top 10/30people
Other Awards:
2nd scholarship